• Michael Maceo

Akeem Ali, Better Known As Keemy Casanova, is Back Mackin' with New Visual "Shugga"

Keemy Casanova, exuding a modern flare to 1970's pimp culture. Now gearing up for the release of his upcoming groovy inspired EP, Akeem has released a new visual, "Shugga". This nostalgic picture is the first of a six-part short film, celebrating the release of Akeem's upcoming project. Shot by Sam Frank Productions, the video shows Keemy at a disco get-down, parading 70's inspired digs and full-blown Soul Train influenced dance performances.

Keemy Casanova is known for using his unique and clever word play to shed light on mackin' culture while still being loved by all the foxy ladies. In "Shugga" Akeem spits funky lyrics such as "I give sugar to the b*tches that I subdue, if n*ggas is tripping this razor blade will cut em every way but loose," followed by "I’m groovin’ wit my hand up ya wife, and if you mad that’s between you and ya h*e, cause I’m to handsome to fight!" It's safe to say Akeem Ali is a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop community, excited to bring a new sound and energy to rap music.

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